What we do for you as an advertiser

High-impact ad formats

High-impact ad formats

Ad design and messaging can command over 70% of your campaign performance. Use the Novum Ad Builder tool to create unique
eye-catching ads.

Visit our ads library to explore new visual hooks. Get in touch with us for more custom ad formats.

An end-to-end visibility
into performance and transactions

An end-to-end visibility into
performance and transactions

Data is your most valuable proprietary asset. This is why we think you should own it. Host the Novum Platform on premise to fully control the collection and warehousing of your own data.

Replace data discrepancies and disputes with granular real-time reporting, daily reconciliations, and fully transparent pricing.

Novum Public Marketplace

Novum Public Marketplace

Browse the Novum Public Marketplace to quickly and easily discover inventory, send proposals, negotiate and manage direct deals. All this from a single place, at scale.

Host Novum
on-premise or cloud

Novum Edge

Install the Novum Platform on premise for maximum control and data ownership.

All data is stored exclusively on your server. Requires technical knowledge and about an hour to install.

Novum Cloud

We'll take care of the hosting for you. Simply sign up and launch your campaign in under three minutes.

You can still upgrade to the self-hosted platform
at any time.

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