Pricing, hosting, and features


Advertiser commission

Standard 6%
Pro 9%

Publisher commission

Direct 6%
RTB 6%



Core features include:

Novum Direct and Novum RTB

Novum Public Marketplace

Granular real-time reporting

24-hour payment reconciliation

Built-in heatmaps

Standard targeting

Cryptographically-verified ad delivery

Zero cookies, no fingerprinting, no tracking

CPM and CPC pricing model

Bid multipliers

Event calendar

Ad Builder

120 milliseconds ad loading time

Frequency and recency capping

Industry-leading ad fraud prevention

Real-time campaign launching and optimisations

Custom ad formats

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Custom-built features

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All Standard Plan features, plus:

Weather data targeting

Sports data targeting

Financial data targeting

Holidays targeting

Contextual targeting

URL targeting

Multiple client IDs

Premium listing on the Novum Public Marketplace

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Hosting fees

Novum Edge


Hosted on-premise for maximum control and data ownership.

No ad blockers.

Requires some technical knowledge (installation via Docker).

Novum Cloud


We take care of the hosting for you.

Free for the first 3 months.

No installation required, you simply log in.