Advertising. Reinvented.

Imagine a world without tracking, slow pages, and creepy ads.
Now, let's build it.

It's time to turn things around.

For far too long, advertising companies have been converting our browsing behaviour into raw material that is sold and purchased in all kinds of ad marketplaces.

Large media websites host hundreds of ad trackers, slowing down the page load, and consuming our mobile data and battery.

At Novum we believe in:

Treating people as customers not commodities

Privacy is a right, not a commodity. We serve relevant ads by analysing and targeting the context people consume, never the people consuming the content. Learn more.

Fast and secure user experience

Novum ads load 30x faster (in under 120ms) and have zero tracking scripts. This helps sites load significantly faster, improving the user experience and data security.

Serving ads that inspire action

Advertising should engage, entertain, and spark honest conversations. We build unique ad formats to reach customers in new interactive ways. Check out our ad gallery.

Funding the open internet and democratising information

Advertising is the economic engine that fuels the open internet. It is what enables the spread of ideas, content, and free knowledge. Instead of blocking it, let's build it better.

Join the crowd as a:


Monetise effectively without compromising user privacy.

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Leverage advanced contextual technology to engage customers.

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Surf the internet untracked. Save mobile data and enjoy faster page loading.

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Time to spread the word!

We need your help! Kinder, more transparent, and privacy-focused advertising can only be achieved through a collective effort. At Novum we provide the means and infrastructure, but it's you - the publisher, brand, and internet user that can turn this into a thriving ecosystem which could change the paradigm of content creation, brand engagement, and media consumption.

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